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A place to network for the Philly and surrounding areas
The SteampunkPhilly group was created to help make connections with people in the area. By this I mean everywhere close by, not just in Philly proper. Although I do not live in downtown Philly it is defiantly a focus point. Philly is still a Gateway to this part of the country. Many can trace their family's path into this country across the nation and back to here.

The Victorian Society of America, E.A. Poe, Vidocq Society, the clubs, movie festivals, and museums are all here. Being central to the NJ, DE, MD, PA. and NYC communities it seemed the likely choice of a name. Yet it is not meant to be just Philly, the surrounding area is awash with things to do and people interested in what Steampunk represents. This group is here to encourage everyone to get to know each other and communicate. With Steampunk being newer to the East Coast than most anywhere else we need to be able to talk and communicate more.

Please post your triumphs, photos, ideas, questions or your DYIs. We will be trying to provide a steady stream of Steampunk and related sources from the area of Philly and around it. Please share your knowledge as well.


Most moderator posts will mention being changed if they have to be. If the changes happen after more than one day out it will be re posted with updated material as in the past. This will keep misunderstandings to a minimum. We ask that if anyone changes a posting or updates it, to post a comment that you are doing so then also post a new revised one. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Few things will get you bumped from here. Respect your fellow members, blasting a post on another community or blog is not considered appropriate. If you can not say it to your fellow members please refrain from saying it. (it is a small world, someone is bound to see what you say and it will be taken for the worse behind their backs rather than to their face) Please, No hate mongering or b*^ching about others on the list. Disagree with respect. Disagreeing with the moderators will not get you bumped. Although if you have a concern with the way something is done please speak up politely, express your opinion. We are human, allow us our mistakes but we would like to know so that they can be fixed
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