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This Saturday in Philly at Dorian's Parlor we have need for a few more models
Mina from league.
jaborwhalky wrote in steampunkphilly
Like with most things, right before the event things happen and people are suddenly unable to make it. As that is the case with this weekend, we are now in need for two more models to walk the run way as well as 3 more hair and makeup people.

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Our event where you would be walking down the runway is All the wonderful things going on that evening you can find and RSVP here via FB : you can still buy tickets here or get them at the door the night of if you do not wish to model.

The designer this month is You can find them on FB here Yes the creators of the TARDIS corset that went viral last month and yes that will be walking down the runway fully done this Saturday.

What the designer needs is

"Two models needed for the fashion show this Saturday here in Philly at Dorian's Parlor.
We need one model with measurements about 42-34.5-41, and one 39-34-41.
Soft call is at 3pm, hard at 4.30.We also need 3 hair and makeup people.
We are looking to have a fairly relaxed, fun show.
Think you're up for it? Email ASAP "

If you model, or do hair and makeup, please email the designer ASAP with the subject line "Fashion show this Saturday." If you would like to see more of what our event is like, look here:

Hope to see you all there.


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